iHelpMy.org Builds Over 400,000 Stores to Aid Non-Profits




Over 425,000 Storefronts Will Generate Direct Contributions for Most Non-Profit Organizations Located in the United States



Iowa City, IA – (June 29, 2010) – iHelpMy, a donation-earning platform offered free to non-profits, announced today that it has created over 425,000 separate online stores, each one to benefit a specific non-profit organization somewhere in the United States. Consumer purchases at these stores will generate a donation to the specific organization of 10% of the total order.


iHelpMy was created to allow consumers to give back to non-profit organizations through everyday purchases, according to Barbara Staib, president of Safe Home Products, Inc., the online retailer responsible for iHelpMy.


“People want to support these organizations, but they don't always have extra cash to donate directly,” said Staib.   “We want to make it as simple as possible for people to purchase everyday products and donate to their local humane society, church or school in the process. There's no need for pushy selling campaigns or constant rummage sales. Just buy what you need around the house, and earn money to help make better schools, better humane societies and better churches.”


Consumers can help the non-profit of their choice in two ways. All of the stores created by iHelpMy showcase a number of products that can be browsed and purchased through the individual storefronts accessible from iHelpMy.org. Consumers can also find the organization's code through iHelpMy and use it during checkout at SafeHomeProducts.com to make the same contribution on any purchase from their full catalog of over 20,000 products.


There is no cost or action required on the part of the non-profit organizations in order to receive contributions. However, if a non-profit wants to customize their store iHelpMy provides powerful, easy-to-use tools to do so. Each organization can claim their individual store and customize the design and product selection through a simple interface.


“We plan to continue expanding the iHelpMy program,” said Staib, “We plan to offer stores that benefit every U.S. non-profit organization in the near future.”.


About iHelpMy


iHelpMy is a division of Safe Home Products, Inc. designed to bolster charitable contributions for non-profit organizations. The platform was launched in June of 2010. Each store benefits a specific registered 501(c) non-profit organization. iHelpMy leverages the products offered from Safe Home's online catalog to provide each organization with an easy fund-raising option. All purchases made on behalf of the organization will qualify for a contributon of 10% of the total order price, less shipping and tax. Consumers can also use a code assigned to each organization during check out to initiate the same contribution from Safe Home's website, SafeHomeProducts.com. All of the iHelpMy stores and a searchable list of the organizations currently eligible for contribution can be found on iHelpMy.org.

Great Buys, Better Communities. iHelpMy.org.


Some statistics about iHelpMy:


58,000+ stores built for non-profits in California

21,000+ stores built for non-profits in Michigan

78,000+ stores built for non-profits in Texas



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