Who is iHelpMy?

iHelpMy is a division of Safe Home Products®, Inc., a leading internet retailer offering more than 20,000 products.  Safe Home was founded in 1999 and is a Better Business Bureau member in good standing.  Safe Home serves well over 100,000 customers. 

Safe Home was founded by Barbara Staib, a retired social worker.  Initially, Safe Home sold child safety, elder care, eco-friendly housecleaning, and emergency preparedness products.  However, over the past five years, we grew substantially.  Safe Home now provides products ranging from consumer electronics to kitchen appliances to pest control to automotive accessories.

As we have grown, we have given back to support those in need.  Please see our SafeHomeProducts.org site for examples of how we have supported organizations such as HomeAid, which helps America's temporarily homeless.

During the past two years, Safe Home invested heavily to build the iHelpMy platform.   We see this a way for us to help deserving organizations weather the tough economic times.  Plus, with iHelpMy, we can build long-term relationships with quality organizations to support our continued growth.

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