When are stores removed from the iHelpMy network of stores?

iHelpMy stores are strictly made to benefit non-profits. If a store is found to benefit an organization that does not qualify as a non-profit, or if the organization is found to no longer exist, the corresponding iHelpMy store will be removed. Please contact us via the "Report Issues" feature to report an organization that should not be eligible for an iHelpMy store.

iHelpMy's goal is to provide consumers with a complete directory of non-profits and corresponding online stores where friends and members of every non-profit can benefit their organization. iHelpMy is a separate company, and is unrelated to the non-profit organizations it benefits. Further, an iHelpMy store is not affiliated with the non-profit organization it is designed to benefit.

iHelpMy stores are created based upon publicly available information about the non-profit organizations to be benefited. To maintain the integrity of the iHelpMy directory, we will promptly remove any store would benefit an organization that is found to be a for-profit company.  Also, we will promptly correct any factual errors that are found.  Please report any errors via iHelpMy's "Report Issues" feature so we can investigate and address them. 

If your organization desires not to participate in the iHelpMy program, please send your "opt-out" request via a letter on company stationery to:

3578 Perch Drive SE
Iowa City, IA  52240

Upon confirmation that an "opt-out" letter is from the referenced organization, we will process an organization's opt-out request within 14 days of receipt.  If your organization, is considering opting out of iHelpMy, we encourage you to contact us first via sales@ihelpmy.org or 888-944-3572, to find out more about us and the iHelpMy program.  iHelpMy is provided at no cost to or obligation for non-profit organizations.  Also, please feel free to review our rating with the Better Business Bureau here.



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