What are the full terms and conditions for iHelpMy?

Full Terms of iHelpMy Affiliate Program Payments


A portion of all purchases wherein which the customer has specified an eligible benefitiary organization will result in the allocation of funds for donation to a registered 501(C) Non-profit/Charitable organization. Ten (10) percent of the total sale price, excluding tax and shipping costs will be donated to the organization.

Donations are based on the total sales completed within the prior twelve month period. The first or initial period shall commence with the date of the Agreement and end the last day of the twelfth month thereafter. Sales are deemed completed and a donation earned upon the expiration of the time period within which purchasers may return a product for refund.

Eligible sales can be made in one of the two(2) following ways:

  • A purchase directly from the store set up by iHelpMy on behalf of the specified NPO.

  • A purchase from the Safe Home central store at http://www.safehomeproducts.com/ that includes the appropriate code to denote a request for a charitable donation and to specify which registered 501(C) organization should be the beneficiary of said donation.

All funds designated for donation via one of the two above-mentioned methods will be accounted for and mainted by Safe Home in an account set up on behalf of each specific NPO designated as the beneficiary of a qualifying purchase. Safe Home will pay out earned donations when the accumulated earned donations exceed $100. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, payment will be made on or before the 15th day of each calendar month for commissions earned as of the last day of the preceding month.

For purchases in which the customer uses a coupon, the donation earned may be reduced such that the sum of the donation and the coupon discount will not exceed 10% of product value of such purchase.


Donations are not earned on sales:

· Which are fraudulent.

· Which are returned or which otherwise receive a full or partial refund.

· Orders paid by means other than credit card, PayPal, Google Checkout, or payment by check that is approved in advance by Safe Home. (For example, sales by purchase order are excluded from the Program.)

· Orders which, in the opinion of Safe Home, may cause it damage or were contrary to the charitable spirit of the Program.

· From organizations that are deemed inactive due to having not referred a donation-earning sale within the prior year.

Accounts created on behalf of organizations and left inactve will be maintained for a maximum of twelve (12) months. In the event that an organization has not reached the pay-out threshold of $100 AND more than twelve (12) months' time has passed since the last purchase on behalf of said organization, the accrued balance will be forfeited.


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