Simple to Use

iHelpMy is incredibly simple for nonprofits and consumers to use. Nonprofits are often very busy and don't have time to be bothered with the details of fundrasing. iHelpMy allows nonprofits a hassle free way to gain funds and support their cause without putting in multiple hours of labor. iHelpMy builds online stores that benefit nonprofits and takes care of all the sales, customer service, shipping, and accounting. The store front can be custom tailored to suit the needs and desires of the organization that it serves by either the organization or iHelpMy, which ever the organization prefers.

With iHelpMy there are no annual or signing fees. At no time will your organization be asked for money by iHelpMy. iHelpMy is simply another way for nonprofits to gather fund in tough economic times when direct donations are low. iHelpMy does not interfere with other fundraisers that your organization may run, such as a bake sale because all of our products are everyday products that you would buy anyway. All that nonprofits have to do is encourage members to shop through their store and they will begin earning contributions. Many consumers are already shopping online, so shopping from a store that benefits their organization will be easy.

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