Great Buys, Better Communities

Organizations like schools, churches, humane societies, and social organizations make our communities better places to live, and iHelpMy provides a platform for members and supporters of any organiztion to give back through their everyday purchases. Many organizations raise money through direct donations or different fundraising events like bake sales or selling candy. These are great ways to raise money, but sometimes even that is not enough. iHelpMy offers a free, easy, and unique way for non-profits to raise money that allows supporters to donate even if they don't have the money to make a direct donation or purchase a novelty item. iHelpMy offers an alternative way for consumers to give back without any "extra" expenses by selling everyday products for the benefit of non-profits. On top of being everyday items, the products for sale are offered at competitive prices so consumers can actually save money while donating to their favorite non-profit!

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