Can an iHelpMy store sell products that are exclusive to a specific organization or charity?

Yes. In addition to offering products from our extensive catalog of more than 20,000 items, iHelpMy stores can also be configured to sell products that are unique to the organization after your organization has claimed or created a store.

For example, if your service organization sells brooms, light bulbs or dictionaries, we can make these products exclusively available to your iHelpMy store.  Or, if your school band sells grapefruit for an annual fundraiser, your iHelpMy store can accept orders for these items so supporters can purchase items online.   When a sale is made, we can either fulfill the order on your organization's behalf or we can notify you of the sale and your organization can fulfill the order directly.

Also, with an iHelpMy store, your organization can raise money throughout the year rather than only during annual fundraising drives.

This 'exclusive product' feature is in Beta, so please contact us at 877-358-0900 to inquire about this program. 



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