Big Margins

iHelpMy provides a large, 10% margin on every purchase. This flat rate 10% contribution is significantly higher than similar programs created by other companies. Similar programs are created by middle-man corporations that take a cut out of any and all contributions. For instance, if a popular retailer offers a 5% contribution through a similar program, the middle-man corporation may take half of that contribution, leaving the nonprofit with just a 2.5% donation.

iHelpMy was created by Safe Home Products and acts as retailer which allows it to offer a large 10% high contribution. Sales are made directly through iHelpMy and the 10% margin is donated directly to a nonprofit organization. This large margin helps nonprofits raise more money, more quickly. Earnings through iHelpMy add up quickly. For instance, if 50 members purchase $50 in everyday items each month, your organization can raise $3,000 a year!

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