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The problem: Nonprofit Fundraising in a difficult economy.

The solution: iHelpMy


Your organization can have its own Internet store, for FREE.

During these challenging economic times, non-profits are having a difficult time making ends meet.  Contributions are down because traditional donors are focused on staying employed and paying for essentials like food, shelter, and security. 

Despite the tough economy, your members, associates and their families are still making some purchases.  And more and more purchases are being made on online.  On the Internet, customers can research products and make sure they are getting the best value for their money.  Why not encourage your members to buy from YOUR STORE?  This way, your members can help their organization while purchasing the products that they need.

Benefits of iHelpMy™:

  • iHelpMy allows your members to support their organization through purchases from your organization's Internet store.
  • We will build and host your online fundraising store at NO COST to you. 
  • Your store will have your organization's name, logo, and custom marketing messages, and will have an easy-to-remember iHelpMy web address like  We have the following domains available for your store:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

We will also:

  • Take orders for your store (via the Internet and through our toll-free 800 number). 
  • Fulfill your member's orders and provide excellent customer service, assisting your members with product questions or returns.
  • Provide your members with online order tracking.
  • Also, many of the products on your store are available for Free Shipping to your members and associates.

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