iHelpMy - Count The Ways You Can Make A Difference

This video outlines how iHelpMy can provide a free and easy way for nonprofits to raise money. Any school, church, humane society, or club can easily raise money with iHelpMy, and any consumer can easily support their favorite nonprofit organization.


Create an iHelpMy online fundraising store in minutes

This screencast shows how to set up an iHelpMy fundraising store. After your organization signs up, you can create a store in a few seconds.

Then, spend a few minutes customizing your store and your nonprofit organization has its own online fundraising store.

Friends and affiliates help their school, church, service organization or club by purchasing practical items from their organization's iHelpMy store.


Video of How to sign up for iHelpMy

In 2 minutes, your organization can sign up for an iHelpMy charity fundraising store.  This fundraising solution helps schools, clubs, churches, service organizations and other charities to raise money and fulfill their charitable missions. Members, friends and affiliates help their organization when they buy from their iHelpMy store.

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