Big Margins

iHelpMy provides a large, 10% margin on every purchase. This flat rate 10% contribution is significantly higher than similar programs created by other companies. Similar programs are created by middle-man corporations that take a cut out of any and all contributions. For instance, if a popular retailer offers a 5% contribution through a similar program, the middle-man corporation may take half of that contribution, leaving the nonprofit with just a 2.5% donation.

iHelpMy was created by Safe Home Products and acts as retailer which allows it to offer a large 10% high contribution. Sales are made directly through iHelpMy and the 10% margin is donated directly to a nonprofit organization. This large margin helps nonprofits raise more money, more quickly. Earnings through iHelpMy add up quickly. For instance, if 50 members purchase $50 in everyday items each month, your organization can raise $3,000 a year!

When will my organization be paid for sales referrals?

We pay iHelpMy affiliates after they reach $100 in accrued earnings and after the expiration period for any product returns elapses.  Payment is typically made within 60 days from purchase.  See the full terms of service for details. 

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