Once I have a store, do I get my own web site?

Once you have set up your organization's custom store, it will remain part of the larger iHelpMy website. The URL for your site would look something like this:


The page can be set up and organized to your preference.



When are stores removed from the iHelpMy network of stores?

iHelpMy stores are strictly made to benefit non-profits. If a store is found to benefit an organization that does not qualify as a non-profit, or if the organization is found to no longer exist, the corresponding iHelpMy store will be removed. Please contact us via the "Report Issues" feature to report an organization that should not be eligible for an iHelpMy store.

iHelpMy's goal is to provide consumers with a complete directory of non-profits and corresponding online stores where friends and members of every non-profit can benefit their organization. iHelpMy is a separate company, and is unrelated to the non-profit organizations it benefits. Further, an iHelpMy store is not affiliated with the non-profit organization it is designed to benefit.

iHelpMy stores are created based upon publicly available information about the non-profit organizations to be benefited. To maintain the integrity of the iHelpMy directory, we will promptly remove any store would benefit an organization that is found to be a for-profit company.  Also, we will promptly correct any factual errors that are found.  Please report any errors via iHelpMy's "Report Issues" feature so we can investigate and address them. 

If your organization desires not to participate in the iHelpMy program, please send your "opt-out" request via a letter on company stationery to:

3578 Perch Drive SE
Iowa City, IA  52240

Upon confirmation that an "opt-out" letter is from the referenced organization, we will process an organization's opt-out request within 14 days of receipt.  If your organization, is considering opting out of iHelpMy, we encourage you to contact us first via sales@ihelpmy.org or 888-944-3572, to find out more about us and the iHelpMy program.  iHelpMy is provided at no cost to or obligation for non-profit organizations.  Also, please feel free to review our rating with the Better Business Bureau here.



How do I report a problem with an iHelpMy store?

Each iHelpMy store has a "Report Issues" link near the top of the page on the right hand side. If you find a problem with the store, the fastest way to have it reviewed is to use this feature. Please use this feature to report factual errors, notifiy us of organizations that are not non-profits or that no longer exist, or to suggest improvements to the iHelpMy.org service.

What are the full terms and conditions for iHelpMy?

Full Terms of iHelpMy Affiliate Program Payments


A portion of all purchases wherein which the customer has specified an eligible benefitiary organization will result in the allocation of funds for donation to a registered 501(C) Non-profit/Charitable organization. Ten (10) percent of the total sale price, excluding tax and shipping costs will be donated to the organization.

Donations are based on the total sales completed within the prior twelve month period. The first or initial period shall commence with the date of the Agreement and end the last day of the twelfth month thereafter. Sales are deemed completed and a donation earned upon the expiration of the time period within which purchasers may return a product for refund.

Eligible sales can be made in one of the two(2) following ways:

  • A purchase directly from the store set up by iHelpMy on behalf of the specified NPO.

  • A purchase from the Safe Home central store at http://www.safehomeproducts.com/ that includes the appropriate code to denote a request for a charitable donation and to specify which registered 501(C) organization should be the beneficiary of said donation.

All funds designated for donation via one of the two above-mentioned methods will be accounted for and mainted by Safe Home in an account set up on behalf of each specific NPO designated as the beneficiary of a qualifying purchase. Safe Home will pay out earned donations when the accumulated earned donations exceed $100. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, payment will be made on or before the 15th day of each calendar month for commissions earned as of the last day of the preceding month.

For purchases in which the customer uses a coupon, the donation earned may be reduced such that the sum of the donation and the coupon discount will not exceed 10% of product value of such purchase.


Donations are not earned on sales:

· Which are fraudulent.

· Which are returned or which otherwise receive a full or partial refund.

· Orders paid by means other than credit card, PayPal, Google Checkout, or payment by check that is approved in advance by Safe Home. (For example, sales by purchase order are excluded from the Program.)

· Orders which, in the opinion of Safe Home, may cause it damage or were contrary to the charitable spirit of the Program.

· From organizations that are deemed inactive due to having not referred a donation-earning sale within the prior year.

Accounts created on behalf of organizations and left inactve will be maintained for a maximum of twelve (12) months. In the event that an organization has not reached the pay-out threshold of $100 AND more than twelve (12) months' time has passed since the last purchase on behalf of said organization, the accrued balance will be forfeited.


What are the general terms of iHelpMy? How much will the specific organization recieve?

Purchases made from an iHelpMy store page will generate a donation for a specific 501(C) registered non-profit organization. Each store page will display the name of the organization (if any) that will benefit from your purchases during both the shopping and check out process.

Organizations will receieve a donation of 10% of each purchase made at their store. Donation amounts are based on sale totals before tax and shipping costs, to be accrued within an iHelpMy account created on behalf of that specific organization.

iHelpMy retains sole discretion in determining the validity of all sales based on criteria set forth to maintain the integrity and fairness of the iHelpMy program.

To read the full terms and conditions as they apply to both consumers and organizations, click here.

When I'm shopping, how do I know when my organization will receive a donation?

When you are purchasing a product from iHelpMy, you should see the name or logo of the organization you are shopping on behalf of at the top of the page. If there isn't a name or banner at the top, or if it's the wrong organization, you will have to navigate back to the iHelpMy page for the organization you wish to earn money for and indicate it as such.

Video of How to sign up for iHelpMy

In 2 minutes, your organization can sign up for an iHelpMy charity fundraising store.  This fundraising solution helps schools, clubs, churches, service organizations and other charities to raise money and fulfill their charitable missions. Members, friends and affiliates help their organization when they buy from their iHelpMy store.

Can an iHelpMy store sell products that are exclusive to a specific organization or charity?

Yes. In addition to offering products from our extensive catalog of more than 20,000 items, iHelpMy stores can also be configured to sell products that are unique to the organization after your organization has claimed or created a store.

For example, if your service organization sells brooms, light bulbs or dictionaries, we can make these products exclusively available to your iHelpMy store.  Or, if your school band sells grapefruit for an annual fundraiser, your iHelpMy store can accept orders for these items so supporters can purchase items online.   When a sale is made, we can either fulfill the order on your organization's behalf or we can notify you of the sale and your organization can fulfill the order directly.

Also, with an iHelpMy store, your organization can raise money throughout the year rather than only during annual fundraising drives.

This 'exclusive product' feature is in Beta, so please contact us at 877-358-0900 to inquire about this program. 



When will my organization be paid for sales referrals?

We pay iHelpMy affiliates after they reach $100 in accrued earnings and after the expiration period for any product returns elapses.  Payment is typically made within 60 days from purchase.  See the full terms of service for details. 

How much will my organization earn from iHelpMy?

When your members (and their friends and families) purchase from the iHelpMy store designed to benefit your organization, you earn donations.

Your organization will earn a flat rate contribution amount of 10% of the sales price, before tax and shipping charges.

Note: All tiers are based on annual sales per iHelpMy store.  In other words, if a national non-profit organizations establishes 100 iHelpMy stores for local and regional chapters, the earnings for each store will be earned and accounted separately; if that organization establishes a single, centralized iHelpMy store, the earnings across the entire national organization will be aggregated into a single account.

With iHelpMy, your organization can generate substantial income with no risk.

See the full terms of service.

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