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About Devonnaire Services, Houston

Our vision is to help them fulfill Dreams, reach attainable goals, and boost self-esteem. The workshops and Pageant will ultimately motivate them toward this resolution. The loose ends and gaps will be bridged together through their participation and excitement of being involved in a program of this nature.  It enhances the overall mental outlook of each young lady, regarding their careers and educational development, in future endeavors.  Our goal as an organization is to have this program evolve into one that may extend to a Scholarship Program for young women in the community, from low to moderate income families. The experiences that they enjoy in this project will enhance and impact their lives, and that of their children and future generations.  “The journey only begins, when we take the first step.”  The majority of teen problems and issues are attributed to low self-esteem, lack of incentive, little to no motivation, and the absence of Positive Role Models. Our program takes on the responsibility to see that this is accomplished.  The workshops are inundated by professionals with life skills from all segments of society.  The goal is to encourage and inspire these young girls.   It is working!!!